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Google’s Ranking Factors: The Complete List

The years end is close and I’m upside down in keyword research and analysis for 2020. I’m asking myself all kinds of questions, which I of course “google” and I came across Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2019). Even if the title implies something else, this list has no claim to completeness or truth – because Google’s ranking factors remain secret. But the list helps every now and then when you ask yourself how the search engine will deal with one or the other change, SEO tactic or strategy.

Fun Fact: Google has made great efforts to ensure that the neologism “(to) google” is not included in dictionaries as a synonym for “researching something in a search engine”, in order to avoid disadvantages under trademark law. However, it is OK to describe the term with “search in the Google search engine”. (Quelle: NZZ)

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