Home Office in the Corona Crisis – and beyond?

Since almost three years, I am working remotely in my home office as Head of Marketing at the WordPress agency Inpsyde. The change to a company that works 100% remotely was a consciously chosen step for me – and for many at that time unimaginable. In this article I want to share my experiences and take a look at how the coronavirus made the home office possible for almost everyone.

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Full Stack Digital Marketing

A few years ago I came across this great article from Lauren Holliday about her way to Full Stack Marketing – and since then I have returned to him almost every year. And every time I read it, I can’t help but nod my head. It resonates with me as few other articles do. But why?

That’s what I’m trying to explain in this article. And I also want to show what a Full Stack Digital Marketer (FSDM) is by my definition. Why I see myself as one, how I went there and how everyone can find their own way to Full Stack Digital Marketing.

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Open Source: Why do people work for free?

On one of these warm summer evenings on a garden fest, I told in a group of friends that I work for a WordPress agency. A befriended entrepreneur answered, “Ah, WordPress! That’s great, everything’s free, I’ve done our whole website with it!”. It only took a short time until he pushed afterwards: “Why do they do everything for free, don’t they want to earn any money?

We talked about Open Source, the community behind WordPress and the free web. And that when everyone works together on something, a strong ecosystem is being created from which everyone can benefit – and ultimately everyone can earn money from.

But the question still stuck in my head. And I had to think about this post about a developer who uploaded over 14,000 commits to a GitHub repository in 20 years.

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Getting Things Done: Natural Planning Model

I’ve been a big fan of David Allen and his Getting Things Done (GTD) system for stress-free productivity for years. As the saying goes? A clear mind has a full trash bin.

Unfortunately, I have an on-off relationship with time management and self-organization systems. The only constant I’ve successfully practiced for years is the Natural Planning Model that David introduces in this Tedx Talk. A truly wonderfully simple tool to define the success criteria and next steps in a task.

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