Elevate Your Marketing – with Me as CMO as a Service

Hello, I’m Marcus Burk and I help companies to reach the next level.

As CMO as a Service I am providing you with top-tier marketing expertise without the commitment of a full-time hire. I am dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.


I offer comprehensive marketing solutions to help businesses thrive.

Strategic Marketing

I create and implement marketing strategies that align with business goals and drive brand growth.

Brand Management

I craft a clear and consistent brand strategy that reflects the company’s mission, vision and values and creates a strong brand identity.

Enterprise & B2B

I understand the needs, preferences and behaviors of B2B and enterprise audiences and develop targeted marketing and sales campaigns to effectively engage them.

Team Leadership & Development

I build and lead a high-performing marketing team to achieve goals and deliver excellence together.

Performance Measurement & Success Control

I establish clear performance measures and metrics to keep track of marketing investments and their ROI.

Digital Marketing & Technology

I am well-versed in the latest digital marketing trends and technologies and use them to maximize our reach and provide an optimal customer experience.

Why Choose My CMO as a Service

There are several compelling reasons why my CMO as a Service is the ideal solution for your business.

Access to My Marketing Expertise

With years of successful marketing experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and industry insights to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

I understand that your marketing needs may vary over time. With my CMO as a Service, you can scale up or down as needed, without being tied down to long-term contracts.


Hiring a full-time CMO can be a significant investment. With my service, you can enjoy expert marketing leadership at a fraction of the cost.

Strategic Direction and Vision

I will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and devise data-driven strategies that align with your vision.

Industry Expertise

My diverse background across various industries allows me to bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to your marketing challenges.

ROI Focus

As your CMO, I prioritize driving tangible results. My strategies are designed to deliver measurable returns on your marketing investment.

Experience My Proven CMO Expertise

Working with me as your CMO means collaborating with a results-oriented marketing expert who is passionate about your success. I take pride in delivering customized solutions that align with your unique business goals and challenges.

With my guidance, you can expect to see improvements in brand awareness, customer engagement, lead generation, and ultimately, your bottom line. As your dedicated CMO, I will be committed to driving your marketing efforts forward.



Enterprise WordPress Agency

Marketing , Partnership & Sales Lead at europe’s largest WordPress agency and one of the top WordPress agencies internationally.


SaaS – Content Collaboration

Market launch and scaling of the SaaS startup dirico. The content collaboration tool is now part of Staffbase Communica­tions Control.

How it works

Step-by-Step Plan to Get CMO as a Service for a 6-Month Period:

  1. Initial Consultation: Schedule a discovery call with me to discuss your business goals, marketing challenges, and objectives. During this session, I will gain a deeper understanding of your company and tailor a customized CMO service plan to meet your specific needs.
  2. Goal Alignment: Define clear and measurable marketing objectives for the 6-month program. We will work together to ensure that these goals align with your overall business strategy and KPIs.
  3. Strategy Development: Based on our initial consultation and goal alignment, I will craft a comprehensive marketing strategy that outlines the specific tactics, channels, and campaigns we will implement to achieve your desired outcomes.
  4. Implementation Plan: Once the strategy is approved, I will create a detailed implementation plan, breaking down the tasks, timelines, and responsibilities for each marketing initiative. This plan will ensure a smooth and organized execution of the CMO services throughout the 6-month program.
  5. Monthly Progress Reports: As we progress through the 6-month program, I will provide you with monthly progress reports that outline the key performance indicators (KPIs) and the results achieved. These reports will give you full visibility into the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and the return on investment (ROI) generated.
  6. Ongoing Optimization: Throughout the program, I will continuously analyze the performance data and make data-driven decisions to optimize our marketing strategies for maximum impact. This iterative approach will ensure that we stay on track and adapt to changing market dynamics.
  7. Regular Strategy Sessions: We will have regular strategy sessions to discuss the progress, address any challenges, and brainstorm new ideas. These sessions will foster collaboration and innovation, making sure that our efforts are always aligned with your business objectives.
  8. Expert Guidance and Support: As your dedicated CMO, I will provide you with expert guidance and support throughout the entire 6-month program. You can count on my experience and expertise to navigate the complexities of marketing and drive your business growth.
  9. Post-Program Evaluation: At the end of the 6-month program, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of the results achieved and the lessons learned. This evaluation will help us identify areas of success and areas for improvement, paving the way for future marketing initiatives.
  10. Continued Partnership: Beyond the 6-month program, I am committed to continuing our partnership and supporting your marketing efforts. Whether you choose to extend the CMO as a Service engagement or explore other marketing opportunities, I will be here to help you achieve long-term success.

With my CMO as a Service offering, you can rest assured that your marketing efforts are in expert hands. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and take your business to new heights of success. Contact me today to get started on your 6-month CMO as a Service program.

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