Getting Things Done: Natural Planning Model

I’ve been a big fan of David Allen and his Getting Things Done (GTD) system for stress-free productivity for years. As the saying goes? A clear mind has a full trash bin.

Unfortunately, I have an on-off relationship with time management and self-organization systems. The only constant I’ve successfully practiced for years is the Natural Planning Model that David introduces in this Tedx Talk. A truly wonderfully simple tool to define the success criteria and next steps in a task.

This is how the Natural Planning Model works

According to David Allen, regardless of task size, the human brain works through five phases to solve a problem. When these phases are worked together, they create a whole model of how we get things done most effectively, with the least amount of effort.

The five steps are:
1. Defining purpose and principles
2. Outcome visioning
3. Brainstorming
4. Organizing
5. Identifying next actions

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Getting in control and creating space | David Allen | TEDxAmsterdam 2014

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